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We service repair and get current models through the mot on a daily basis.


We photo some of the cars coming in and regularly update the pics in our gallery.  We appreciate your custom it keeps us in business.


This spring we have worked on four series 4 Alfa spiders and a series 2 and 3, aside from countless 916 spiders and our usual daily workload. We love our Alfas from a Mito to a 164. 


Most of our customers are local but we have a customer from Cleethorpes and another from Rye.We have a customer with an s4 in these pics based in the south of France. On 1st Aug 2015 HMT 165T a nice white series 2 spider was trailered to us for work from Normandy France.


In Feb 2016 we had an Alfa junior Zagato in for work, the very next day the owner of a  Lancia Fulvia Zagato came in !!


In Sept 2016 we had an s4 spider in from France and a 1985 Ferrari 308 from France the following week.


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